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Optimizing on the Negative Space in the Finance Logo Design

The last decade has seen significant changes in the design of finance logos. Currently, logos are getting cleaner, simple to identify with a proper balance between the negative and positive space. With visual modifications, you’re almost assured of a successful brand.

Defining Negative Space

Negative space is the space that’s left around the logo and is just as important as any other design aspects of your brand. It defines the outline of the logo. The negative space is an intentional aspect in a logo included to make it easy to spot and tell details about the brand.

You can make a logo stand out by balancing the negative and positive space. Below are expert tips to crafting a professional logo:

Keep it simple

The primary goal of any company or brand is to create a demand for the products and services they offer. In order to make sure that possible customers don’t forget you, make your finance logo design simple.

Focusing on the negative design when designing financial logo is the norm for conventional loan companies. For that matter, a conventional loan company would be properly represented by an outline of a house. Also, in mortgage firms, similar to a conventional loan company, the negative space also plays an important role in helping with identification.

When a logo has too many aspects such as many colors, symbols and shapes, prospective customers will explain challenges interpreting and may turn the away.

Stick to One Visual Trick

When a financial logo is decorated with two or more visual aids, customers will find it challenging to understand. Always, craft an exceptional financial logo design whose potential clients can link to your company.

If you run an accounting firm, a company name in text with at most 2 colors is enough. There are thousands of similar firms and to be unique, consider an object like a calculator that leaves enough space for a unique look.

Traditional is Cool

Different from art and retail designs, finance logos designs are best when they take the traditional route. Great examples of simple designs that prospective customers find straightforward to interpret are like those of banks. Take Chase Bank for illustration purposes. The bank has a logo design that has the word Chase in black bold text inside a bolded blue fashionable Octagon. In every potential logo design, the aim is to shout a certain degree of expertise and professionalism.

Wrapping Up

In a company logo, the negative space is more important that you can care to comprehend. Make use of the negative space in your next finance logo design and get it standing out.

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