Why Discerning Seniors Are Moving to Florida’s Pelican Marsh


Naples, Florida is an elegant area in Southwestern Florida and it draws some of the most discerning senior home buyers in the U.S. Although the Sunshine State is a popular destination for retirees in general, Naples offers unique benefits, breathtaking vistas and an upscale lifestyle that appeals to seniors who want the best. By choosing homes in Pelican Marsh Naples Florida retirees enjoy unparalleled luxury, beauty and year round active lifestyles.

Buyers Can Find a Range of Elegant Housing

Homes in Pelican Marsh are available in various price ranges and locations. Community neighbors can be anyone from hard-working blue-collar retirees to celebrities. They include musicians, artists, writers, executives and business moguls, and the housing choices reflect this variety. For example, home buyers who want well-appointed, smaller 2 bedroom homes can find condos in the $300,000 range. Those searching for the finest in large-scale properties can locate everything from million-dollar 4 bedroom, one bath homes to a 5 bedroom, 11 bath estate valued at more than $8 million dollars. Areas such as Aston Gardens at Pelican Marsh are also carefully designed around senior lifestyles and provide amenities which include transportation, housekeeping and concierge services.

Residents Enjoy Natural and Man-Made Beauty

Pelican Marsh communities are carefully created to provide beauty and function. They include elegantly landscaped entrances that seamlessly blend in around security checkpoints where guards protect entryways. Each neighborhood is engineered so that wide streets and artfully designed security lighting make it safe and comfortable to walk around. Homes, community centers and common areas are surrounded by the area’s exotic plants, trees, water features and animals.

Communities Are Ideal for Active Lifestyles

Seniors who want active retirement lifestyles often choose Pelican Marsh. Because it is located in Naples, residents have easy access to the region’s Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands. In fact, Naples is a popular ecotourist destination. Homeowners are also close to the ocean, making it easy to enjoy fishing, boating and swimming. In addition, communities include swimming pools, golf courses, putting greens, walking trails and tennis courts.

Every year hundreds of retirees buy homes in Pelican Marsh, an upscale community in Naples, Florida. Seniors choose the community because it offers a range of housing choices, beautiful surroundings and a healthy year-round outdoor lifestyle.

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