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A doorstop is a helpful piece of hardware that can prevent walls from damage by doors and doorknobs. A doorstop can keep wallpaper and paint looking fresh, especially in high-traffic areas, and it can prevent a homeowner from having to re-plaster or repair walls. Like other pieces of door hardware, doorstops are often regarded as being more functional than stylish. Check this guide to find the right doorstop for any application.

Baseboard Doorstops

The baseboard doorstop is the type most commonly found in homes. They are simply designed, and they consist only of one peg with a rubberized tip. These doorstops are usually installed on a baseboard rather than on the door itself, as they can’t be installed on a hollow-core door.

Hinge Pin Doorstops

A hinge pin doorstop attaches to the hinge itself. These pieces have rubber pads at either end, and they stop the door from opening wide and hitting the wall. These doorstops are best for lighter-weight doors.

Floor-Mounted Doorstops

A floor-mounted doorstop is installed on the door rather than on the floor, and these are commonly used when it’s necessary to protect items near the door rather than the room’s wall. These doorstops come in various shapes for different uses.

Wall Bumper Doorstops

The wall bumper doorstop is widely used in commercial buildings. These doorstops are installed on the wall at doorknob height, and they use rubber bumpers to absorb the knob’s impact.

Wedge Doorstops

The wedge doorstop is one of the simplest varieties, as it consists only of a wedge-shaped piece that’s tucked under the door to keep it from moving in either direction. The wedge doorstop from SuperiorMaker isn’t attached to the floor, and it can be moved from one door to another as needed.


While doorstops don’t often come in decorative designs, they can be found in various finishes and materials. Whether someone needs an unobtrusive doorstop that will blend in with the room’s decor, or they want something that works as an accent piece, there are numerous options from which to choose. Don’t let that door hit the wall; buy a new doorstop today!

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