4 Lawn Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners


While a complex landscape design is nice to look at, it is not always easy or practical to maintain. If a homeowner has a busy lifestyle but they still want a great-looking lawn, they should take preventive measures to minimize lawn maintenance. Local lawn care companies are dedicated to helping homeowners get the yard they want, and they have the expertise to keep lawns healthy year-round. Below are several tips to help homeowners keep their yards low-maintenance and beautiful all year long.

Start a Good Weed Control Program

Stopping weeds before they start can help keep a lawn in good shape for a longer period of time. Removing weeds manually is tough, time-consuming work; therefore, it’s easier and more efficient to treat them before they have a chance to spread.

Keep Pests Under Control

Aside from killing ornamental plants, lawn pests can also enter the home and cause problems for the family. Springtime is the best time to engage in pest control, as it’s when these pests are the most active. If a homeowner doesn’t know what to do, they can call a local lawn care expert who is skilled in pest control.

Keep the Soil Fed All Year

It’s impossible to have a lush, green lawn with poor-quality soil. Keeping a good fertilization schedule can help soil hold onto moisture for a longer time, which reduces the need for watering.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

Part of having a great-looking lawn is selecting the right plants. Low-maintenance plants can survive without much watering, and they’re a good way to cut down on required lawn maintenance. Salvia, cacti and deer grass are some good examples of low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants. If a homeowner is busy, or just doesn’t like being out in the sun, they can ask their landscaper to recommend low-upkeep plants that are appropriate for the location and the climate.

Just because a homeowner does not have much free time doesn’t mean they can’t have a great-looking lawn. Call a local lawn care service or visit the website to find out about low-maintenance landscape designs. Alternatively, homeowners can go online to find out about the company’s services.

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