Environmental Consultants and Industrial Hygiene Experts Reduce Potential Health Risks


All property owners have a responsibility to make certain their land and buildings are safe. This is not just a structural concern. Environmental hazards sicken people around the country each year. Some of the illnesses, like asbestos related cancers, only appear years later. In the meantime it is possible for many others to also suffer exposure. Residential and commercial property and land purchased to develop should always have a number of tests performed before the final contracts are signed. Remediation services are expensive and time consuming. Understanding the full scope of what is needed helps to determine to value of the investment.

There are a number of potential concerns that environmental consultants will aid people in correcting. The process begins with a complete inspection of any structures and surrounding land.

  • The identification of any underground storage tanks and determination if they are empty or leaking.
  • Testing to determine the presence of asbestos anywhere on the property.
  • Identifying any electrical transformers that contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).
  • Testing the soil and groundwater for any contamination.
  • Testing air quality inside structures for mold, radon or signs that a meth lab was once on the property.
  • Checking interior and exterior surfaces for for lead paint.

A remediation plan becomes necessary when a Denver CO property is found to have any type of contamination. Part or all of the property may become off-limits during this period of time. Industrial hygiene services are used for concerns inside businesses and factories that could harm the health of all workers. The plans help everyone involved. Employees gain a safer work environment and employers reduce their liability risks.

Environmental concerns include the removal and disposal of hazardous materials and contaminated soil. Environmental consulting firms provide assistance from the initial inspection of the site throughout the completion of the project. Their work guarantees that all steps taken meet local, state and federal regulations. This includes EPA and OSHA restrictions as well as any other that apply. Testing and remediation prevents individuals and companies from purchasing contaminated land. It protects sellers from lawsuits or future expenses if contamination is discovered at a later date and it protects the health of anyone using the property.

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